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Welcome to the Luxury Passenger Transport website. Our free of charge service is intended to provide you with a one stop portal for all your passenger transport needs. If you are in charge of arranging travel for a group of any size, you have come to the right place.

We know how stressful such a responsibility can be. Make use of our years of experience in the field of vehicle rental for the purposes of group travel. We have working relationhips with an unbeatable number of vehicle operators, and have the infrastructure and communications systems in place to have a minibus or coach ready to pick your party up from anywhere in the country within hours of your final confirmation.

Furthermore we are not limited to road going vehicles. It is our pleasure to provide you with access to a number of high quality air charter businesses who can offer you the chance to get to where you need to go in true comfort and style. Once you step aboard a luxury private jet, you will never want to travel in any other way.

The key factor, however you want to travel, is that a privately hired vehicle gives you complete control over you travel schedule, and when transporting a group, for whatever reason, this is absolutely crucial.

If you are interested and have any questions regarding Luxury Passenger Transport, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call. The Luxury Passenger Transport team is ready to respond to your needs.

Owners' manuals: not exactly light reading ...

In 2103, the Lexus GS 450h is the first petrol-electric luxury saloon, and every vehicle comes with an owner's manual explaining the car's functions in minute detail. At 494 pages, the manual is one of the longest ever published. Other smaller cars and vans often don't come with manuals at all with as with most leasing options, servicing and repairs comes included

There are 18 pages on 'Opening, closing and locking the doors and trunk'. Three pages are devoted to a signed declaration from Fujitsu that the anti-theft system meets telecoms directives - in 18 languages - while a daunting 15 pages cover checking and replacing fuses.

Twenty-six pages into the Lexus GS 450h manual, you'll even find advice on how to scrap the car.
Fortunately, the section on the car's hybrid system begins on page eight, giving a resume of how it works. But once you've understood that this car can be driven much like any other, you might start to skim other sections ... and become alarmed at the hundreds of panels headed I CAUTION' and I NOTICE'. Many of these relate to conceivable, albeit unlikely, outcomes of doing something mad, such as: 'Do not touch the high-voltage socket while the headlights are turned on. 20,000v is momentarily generated and may cause severe injury by electric shock.'

Other directives seem unnecessarily obvious: 'Do not spill fuel during refuelling', or 'When taking a nap in the vehicle, always turn the hybrid system off.'

Luxury Passenger Transport


Welcome to the Luxury Passenger Transport website. Our objective is to see to it that all your vehicle rental needs, for any size of group, travelling for any number of reasons, are accomodated. We have a vast resource of vehicles operators and can offer you an unrivalled selection of road vehicles and also luxury jets for all your group travel needs.

If there is any form of Luxury Passenger Transport  that you are looking to arrange but that we do not mention, please contact our team. With our industry connections, we are able to arrange any kind of luxury passenger transport as per your requerst.

This website has nothing to do with the ggcarriages charter company. For more information regarding ggcarriages please contact them directly on 01443 226060.